r/Health – Young woman dies after year-long wait for liver as campaigners call for opt-out organ donation system — first step is automatically putting everyone on the donor register unless they specifically opt-out.

For example, one argument would be people who have belief systems that would prevent organ donation.

Then, don’t believe in nonsense. People believe in sharia law, weren’t not going to bow to them because they “believe” in it.

Ultimately, the act of organ giving (and receiving) should be viewed as an act of kindness rather than an eye-for-an-eye.

In your opinion.

My opinion, don’t be selfish. If you want to benefit from the system and have organs available to you in case you need them, then the least you can do is offer yours. Seems very fair and logical.

If I die and my organ goes to someone who is unwilling to donate their own organs, well that is their choice. They have the personal freedom to say “no I don’t want that” and it is just as equal as me going “I want to do that.” My donation is not with strings attached, it is to allow another human being to live their lives.

Good for you. At rather have my organs go to people willing to give up thiers and not be selfish. If there aren’t any of them, then ok, selfish people are next in line.

I guess my view is just put then at the bottom of the list behind everyone willing to donate.

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