r/Health – What’s Causing an Outbreak of a Mysterious Fungal Infection? America’s Farms Offer a Clue. – Fungicide use “most likely” played a role in the rise of a deadly drug-resistant germ.

socialism =/= a state run economy. that is a particular brand of socialism, usually called Marxist-Leninism, that says the way to achieve a communist society is through state seizure of the means of production (factories, farms, equipment, etc.). there are many other ideas of how to get there, Anarchism, Democratic Socialism and even (gasp) Market Socialism.

furthermore, although I in no way condone or advocate Stalinism, or even Marxist-Leninism for that matter, you need to look at the historical context. Russia was the most “backward” European state, with an overwhelmingly agrarian population of serfs. after losing 25% of their territory in WWI, dealing with a revolution, and then a civil war that lasted for 5 years, the fact they defeated Hitler 20 years is an absolute miracle (that they barely achieved). there is no denying it, without Stalin’s five year plan they would not have defeated the Nazis.

now, again, I DO NOT THINK FORCED COLLECTIVIZATION IS A GOOD IDEA OR THAT STALIN WAS GOOD ACKSHUALLY OR THAT THE FIVE YEAR PLANS DIDNT CAUSE MILLIONS OF DEATHS. but rather my point is that you need to take historical circumstances into account instead of just saying “Socialism!” every time something bad happens. if that were the case I guess i could just look at WWI and say “Capitalism!”. it’s reductive and inaccurate.

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