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In total, 7 Swiss universities appear in the Global University Employability Ranking 2018, a new report on world rankings suggests. The ETH Zurich came out as the top university for graduate employability in Switzerland, followed by École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and University of Zurich. The 2018 rankings placed the University of Lausanne in fourth ahead of the the University of Bern into fifth.

From the top 150 universities for employability, the ETH Zurich is the highest Swiss-ranked university in 12th place, with École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in 25th. The University of Zurich is in 75th place.

The ranking reveals which institutions recruiters at top companies think are the best at preparing students for the workplace. US universities dominate the top of the list, with Harvard University, California Institute of Technology (Caltech), or Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) snatched the top seats again. See the full results of the top 150 colleges and universities for employability, 2018.

Which universities will really impress the boss?

Top Universities In Switzerland Producing The Most Employable Graduates 2018

1. ETH Zurich (#12th)
2. École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (#25th)
3. University of Zurich (#75th)
4. University of Lausanne (#91st)
5. University of Bern (#111st)
6. University of Basel (#113rd)
7. University of Geneva (#142nd)

Infographic Top Universities In Switzerland Producing The Most Employable Graduates 2018

What’s the best university name in the world to put on a job application?

Global: Top 10 for employability, 2018

1. Harvard University
2. California Institute of Technology
3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
4. University of Cambridge
5. Stanford University
6. Technical University of Munich
7. Princeton University
8. Yale University
9. The University of Tokyo
10. National University of Singapore

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