r/Health – The rise of ‘presenteeism’ in the workplace: A study has found that more than 40% of employees said their work was being affected by health problems – a figure that’s risen by a third over the last five years. People are putting aside both mental and physical health problems to attend work.

As flip as the comment I am replying to might sound to some, I often wonder whether the way we have organized society in which we are all living in little boxes by ourselves makes any sense and is a large part of our stress.

As someone who is introverted, needs quiet, and alone time, I am particularly cautious about suggesting any other kind of living arrangement but I wonder whether cooperative housing and cooperative land ownership in which profit was not a concern would alleviate some of our issues.

The problem with communes is they tend frequently to attract certain personality types, and/or turn into cults. I wonder if there is a pragmatic sort of intentional community in which the fundamental goal was to alleviate concerns of rent and homelessness, and not much beyond this.

Like in my case I’m not a hippie. I’m just not. I would be nonetheless willing to positively contribute to the maintenance, funding, and upkeep of such a community provided one of the goals of that community was to keep work to a minimum.

I lived for a time in a rental here in Tucson which had a yard in which the Sonoran Desert creeped right up to the door. There was no gravel or landscaping of any sort. Cacti grew where they wanted. Scrub grew where it wanted.

No watering, no trimming, no upkeep, no maintenance. An occasional snake, which frankly kept desert rodents (there are a lot of rodents in this desert) at bay.

I wonder if you purchased a plot of land like this and put tiny houses or trailers on it whether you could create a positive, livable community, without all of the weirdness of certain kinds of communes.

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