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Our fast-paced, high-tech lifestyles often get blamed for a wide range of sleep problems. No matter what your age, insomnia may be impacting your productivity and mood. The eight sleep tracker is a smarter way to get quality sleep.

Although numerous mattress companies have sprung up to provide a solution for the insomnia problem. However, not everyone has thousands to spend on a bed.

However, there may be another strategy for getting the quality sleep you need: The Eight Sleep Tracker, which is a mattress cover that takes your current bed and transforms it into a smart mattress at a fraction of the cost.

They Make Mattresses and More

When visiting the Eight website, the first thing you see is their line of mattresses. There are a variety of options if that’s your budget. However, to find the Eight Sleep Tracker, you’ll need to look under its Accessories section.

Why can

This is your answer to getting better sleep.

How it Works

The Sleep Tracker is a mattress cover so you put it over the mattress like you would with any cover or fitted sheet. The mattress cover has embedded sensors, which work with the Eight app to provide information. From this you’ll find out what it is about your individual sleep quality that is not working. From there you take the information and begin watching what is happening to your patterns.

Packed with Technology

The sensors in the mattress cover track biometric data while you sleep. This data is then sent to the Eight app where you meet your sleep coach. This sleep coach is powered by artificial intelligence and provides you with the analytical information. You’ll find quick and eaily insights and recommendations to improve your sleep.

The artificial intelligence has been powered by the company’s accumulation of sleep data from over two and a half million nights of sleep.

That’s an incredible amount of data to help the AI-enabled sleep coach make informed decisions about the new data it analyzes.  Plus, there’s a wealth of knowledge about sleep and your own habits that help you see where changes can yield improvements.

look no further for why you are having trouble sleeping
                                                                                The sensors are the key to finding what troubles you.

Best Features

There is a lot to like about this smart mattress cover.

First, the material feels nice and is cool to the touch. It doesn’t retain too much body warmth that some mattress covers do. No more waking up so hot you want to die. The sensors allow you to find what is making it difficult for you to sleep. Speaking of temperature, the company realizes that everyone has a different preference when it comes to how warm or cool they like their bed.

You can choose from ten temperature settings that can be programmed to start and stop at your preferred time.

Also, it’s easy to get started using. All it takes is plugging it into the wall and a pod on the side of the mattress cover. Then, set up an app that takes just minutes to download and learn.

Information sent directly to your phone.
                               You will receive the analytical data to your phone, if you wish. Bingo, you can start making changes today.

The sleep data and sleep coach also provided a pathway to improving sleep quality.

Every morning, you receive a sleep report from the app.

The information covers your heart rate, length of deep sleep, and amount of restlessness. Based on these findings, you get a sleep score for the previous night that tells you the level of quality sleep.

Then, there’s the sleep alarm, which helps provide you with a way to create a consistent schedule for you and your body’s rhythms.

The alarm tracks when you naturally wake up and then triggers an alarm to wake you gently and naturally. When your body gets used to this timing, then you won’t need to use the alarm unless your pattern gets off track again.


In this connected age, it’s also good to know what integrates with the Sleep Tracker. Alexa can turn on the bed warming feature for you while Nest adjusts the thermostat to the temperature that helps you sleep better.

Then, your Philips Hue Lights can turn on slowly to bring you calmly out of that deep, restful slumber. It also integrates with Apple Health Kit, which will share the sleep data with this tool so you can compare it against your exercise and nutrition information.

finding and loving the eight sleep tracker

Pricing and Purchase Information

The Sleep Tracker costs $399 for a Full or Queen size cover and $419 for a King or California King cover. The mattress cover is available online only through the company’s website. The app can be found on the Apple app store or Google Play. It comes with a one-year warranty and a thirty night trial period.

Final Thoughts

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