r/Health – Strict abortion laws aren’t based on science – According to the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, limiting access to care by imposing medically unnecessary regulations hurts women.

but the notion of a woman ‘forced to become a mother’ is inaccurate, because a pregnant woman is a stage of motherhood, as she must take care of the baby which is growing as part of her.

You just contradicted yourself in a single sentence. That’s talent.

As for your other bout of idiocy, if that child is SEPARATE from the mother and can be adopted by someone else, sure, go for it. But I don’t care who you are – fetus or a stranger on the street – you don’t have the right to use my body for 9 months if I don’t want you to, even to save your own life. That’s MY stand-your-ground law.

And before you spout more idiocy in the form of “but it’s just for nine months!” then let me state plainly: No, it’s a HELL of a lot more than that. Only someone who has never been pregnant could think something so stupid. The hormonal changes, the physical changes, the things about your body that will NEVER be the same again…it’s not ‘just nine months’ by a long shot. And that’s not even mentioning how US maternal deaths are at third-world levels if you’re poor. You’re basically telling a woman she has to risk her life against her will. If she dies, can I charge YOU with murder?

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