r/Health – Sperm counts are on the decline – could plastics be to blame? A recent study that tested both men and dogs added to concerns that chemicals in the environment are damaging the quality and quantity of sperm

We don’t need population control. It’s the quality of life and health of newborn children that are the biggest concern here.

Most predictions say the world population won’t exceed 11 billion. And we can adjust our consumption and focus on renewable energy so that those 11 billion can live comfortable lives.

Developed world is already at or below population replacement line. Asia is very very close to that as well. It’s just some parts of Africa that are lagging behind in birthrates but even they have seen drastic reduction.


Despite the sensationalist claims of the article, declining birth rates are not because of infertility but because once you get people out of poverty, lower child mortality, give access to birth control and education, people don’t need children to help out with labor any more and they don’t have to have a lot of children to make sure some of them survive.

When you’re almost 100% sure your child will live to be a grown up and you don’t need them to work, you can plan your family as you wish, and most people don’t wish to have 5 or 8 or 10 kids.

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