r/Health – Our ancestors didn’t suffer from hay fever and food allergies were extremely rare even a few decades ago. Science shows that it’s the distance from, and lack of exposure to, natural environments that is driving the allergy epidemic in modern life.

Yeah, my bad allergy symptoms only occur when I am eating like crap. I am highly allergic to cats and moderately to dogs. Naturally, I didn’t know I was allergic to dogs when I got two. When I went low carb for dieting purposes, my eye and nose symptoms disappeared. But what really blew my mind was this summer when I went on vacation away from them. I ate like crap and felt terrible. When I returned home I decided to fast for 3 days. I had no symptoms from the dogs, and when I went back to eating carbs I had no symptoms for an entire month. The trigger, pasta. Once I had eaten pasta one time, my symptoms around the dogs returned with a vengenance. Once I put it together, I fasted again for 3 days again and I have zero symptoms since then.

Edit: To clarify my “scientific” theory behind this is that if I over consume carbohydrates when I haven’t recently had moderate to rigorous exercise, then when my body goes into overdrive to keep the excess sugar out of my blood stream it causes an over active immune response. I don’t think carbs are evil, but they can be when your muscles don’t have capacity to store them. Sadly, this is the situation for most people these days, and fits with the less outdoor, less movement hypothesis.

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