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In case you are curious, established in 1088, the University of Bologna is the oldest continuously operating university in the world. Some of its most famous alumni include Dante, Guglielmo Marconi, Petrarch, and Erasmus. It remains one of the best university in Europe.

These universities give new meaning to the term “old school.”

Oldest Continuously Operating Universities In The World

  1. University of Bologna (1088), Bologna, Italy
  2. University of Oxford (1096), Oxford, United Kingdom
  3. University of Salamanca (1164), Salamanca, Spain
  4. University of Cambridge (1209), Cambridge, United Kingdom
  5. University of Padua (1222), Padua, Italy
  6. University of Naples Federico II (1224), Naples, Italy
  7. University of Macerata (1290), Macerata, Italy
  8. University of Coimbra (1290), Portugal
  9. University of Valladolid (1293), Valladolid, Spain
  10. Complutense University of Madrid (1293), Spain Madrid, Spain
  11. Sapienza University of Rome (1303), Rome, Italy
  12. University of Perugia (1308), Perugia, Italy
  13. University of Florence (1321), Florence, Italy
  14. University of Pisa (1343), Pisa, Italy
  15. Charles University of Prague (1349), Prague, Czech Republic
  16. University of Siena (1357), Siena, Italy
  17. University of Pavia (1361), Pavia, Italy
  18. Jagiellonian University (1364), Krakow, Poland
  19. University of Vienna (1365), Vienna, Austria
  20. Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg (1386), Heidelberg, Germany
  21. University of Ferrara (1391), Ferrara, Italy
  22. University of Turin (1404), Turin, Italy
  23. University of Leipzig (1409), Leipzig, Germany
  24. University of St. Andrews (1413), St. Andrews, United Kingdom
  25. University of Rostock (1419), Rostock, Germany
  26. University of Catania (1434), Catania, Italy
  27. University of Barcelona (1450), Barcelona, Spain
  28. University of Glasgow (1451), Glasgow, United Kingdom
  29. University of Greifswald (1456), Greifswald, Germany
  30. Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg (1457), Freiburg, Germany
  31. University of Basel (1460), Basel, Switzerland
  32. Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich (1472),Munich, Germany
  33. Eberhard Karls University of Tubingen (1477), Tubingen, Germany
  34. Uppsala University (1477), Uppsala, Sweden
  35. University of Copenhagen (1476), Copenhagen, Denmark
  36. University of Genoa (1491), Genoa, Italy
  37. University of Aberdeen (1495), Aberdeen, United Kingdom
  38. University of Santiago de Compostela (1495), Santiago de Compostela, Spain
  39. University of Santiago de Compostela (1499), Valencia, Spain

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