r/Health – Obesity might soon replace tobacco as top cause of cancer, yet few are aware of the link

A – universal healthcare is not a subsidy it is an assurance that all individuals receive care with the added benefit of massive negotiating power against pharmaceutical companies which are a primary driver I healthcare costs.

B – Obamacare was a poorly implemented and half way baby step towards a single payer system trying to co-exist in a corrupt insurance ecosystem. There are plenty of examples of universal healthcare systems properly implemented around the world ranging from full socialized medicine to a mixed market-regulated-safety net sort of system. It was also vigorously opposed by the other half of the isle there was no way they would ALLOW it to go well (ask yourself who pays their campaign donations?).

C – yes obesity is a very common link to a multitude of diseases and adverse healthcare outcomes. Increased access to care and education can work towards reducing obesity. Furthermore, obesity is not just a “stop eating you fat ass” solution. There are a multitude of psychological, physiological, and sometimes gut microbiota factors that make weight loss for many individuals a steep hill to climb. You are oversimplifying obesity as a mere willpower problem when it is equally as complex as a drug addiction with all the neurological dependencies that go along with it. With an added bonus of a required stimuli of that addiction multiple times a day by needing to eat.

D – you are oversimplifying drug prescriptions to be directly causal to those two things all the time without any alternative causes or co-morbidities which is a gross oversimplification of how, why, when, how much, and for how long people are on those prescriptions.

E – behavior chance is very possible with guidance and access to people with the proper knowledge and means to communicate how to accomplish those goals. A form of universal healthcare ensures that anyone can gain this access.

F – there is plenty of potential for tax incentives for meeting healthcare goals or things of that nature you are falsely attributing this system as a handout to unhealthy individuals at your expense without any future benefit. It is EXTREMELY likely that a high degree of population access to care would eventually lead to a far reduced burden on the system as a whole because the population as a whole is healthier. Hence, healthier countries with universal healthcare with reduced expenditures.

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