r/Health – NATIONAL As Parents & Grandparents Age, More & More Millennials Are Family Caregivers – About 40 million people in the U.S. are family caregivers. One in four is a millennial, which presents tensions for a generation still making its way into the world.

This post was cross posted on r/lostgeneration so I felt like I have to post here:

We have many young people in their 20s or 30s of their youth in the United States that are forced to be caregivers. It’s not noble or admirable because the youth is sacrificing life milestones, social,economic and other opportunities so that their parents don’t get killed or die.

No one actually cares about caregivers. Even financial caregivers. People who don’t understand what it’s like sacrificing years of your life to caregive for loved ones and assume that jobs, homeless shelters and programs are available for them when they’re done caregiving, but they don’t exist. And people don’t care about the well-being about us at all. Empty platitudes and false hope is all we get paid for.

If the caregiver does not have a inheritance waiting for them after their love ones die and/or their relatives (that refused to help him or her) decide to act like vultures over the property, all that awaits the caregiver is a homeless shelter. And once you’re homeless, no one gives a damn.

Even if they get a inheritance, they will be hermits because it’s impossible to catch up society in this day and age if you are a long term caregiver. The social and economic culture has changed drastically to the point that if you are pushed off the lifescript for any reason out of your control, you are screwed.

We give much more support to ex-prisoners than ex-caregivers in the US.

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