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Computer vision is one of the most exciting arenas for applied AI. Drones, autonomous vehicles, robots, and medical imaging devices are increasingly making use of the technology. According to Research and Markets, the computer vision market is growing at a rate of nearly 50 percent a year and expected to reach $25 billion by 2023 .

It’s not hard to recognize AI’s potential to revolutionize industries––but how do companies get there? According to our recent Harvard Business Review Analytic Services survey of more than 250 business leaders about how they plan to apply AI to their enterprises, over 40 percent say that lack of expertise is their biggest impediment to deploying computer vision in their industry.

Some leaders say organizational silos or legacy systems stand in the way. Others say that they don’t understand how to collect, store and manipulate data effectively. Still, four out of five companies say they have either adopted computer vision capabilities or plan to within the next two years. Urgency is there. Organizations are using computer vision in a number of new ways:

  • Manufacturers are using computer vision to allow their robots to operate safely side-by-side with humans inside factories.
  • Healthcare organizations are using computer vision to annotate x-rays and quickly identify pathologies, increasing diagnostic accuracy and decreasing liability.
  • Construction firms are using computer vision to scan structures under construction to track progress and to avoid time-consuming inspections and costly rework.

Many organizations are in the experimentation phase with AI today. But there’s reason to speed up efforts. The first organizations to implement computer vision solutions are the most likely to gain the competitive edge.

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