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Unbelievable, but 2018 is already at its’ end. People are getting ready for Christmas and New years eve. Everyone is planning their winter holidays.

Some people like spending cold winter at sunnier places. They are tired of snowy, rainy and humid days. These people are sun lovers and prefer spending Winter holidays in New Zealand, Western Australia, and other sunny places. But for those who find the joy in pure snowy days, there are places you can consider visiting.

What comes to your mind when you think about the Winter? For me, it’s a fireplace, sound of the burning firewood, hot cocoa, warm socks, and friendly environment. Some would like to have an extreme Winter sports holiday. Their Winter is full of adrenaline, speed, and risk.

Lucky for us, Earth is full of destinations that can suit every taste. And we are lucky to have the Internet full of platforms that can help us choose our next holiday destination. Take for example Interhome UK and similar websites. Take a stroll through these pages and choose your next destination. 

Meanwhile, look at the best holiday destinations of snowy Winter 2018:

Prague, Czech Republic

Europe is taking the list of wonderful fairytale Winter. You might consider adding visiting Prague in winter to your bucket list. This beautiful town offers medieval architecture covered with snow. A truly beautiful view out of practically every window.

Prague is a trendy destination for holidays in 2018. This town has always been a center of attention of tourists. But 2018 is going crazy over Prague.

Get cozy and take warm clothes, because the temperature can drop below the freezing in January. If you like a light snowfall that doesn’t turn into a catastrophic situation, then Prague is the best suit for you.

Cradle Mountain, Australia

It’s no surprise that Australia is one of the best places to visit in winter. Cradle Mountain in Winter is a mystery. You never know what will greet you there. Might be a lights snowfall or a sunny day.

If you like exploring mountains, visiting frozen lakes and wandering through the clouds, then Cradle Mountain is your perfect destination.

Lapland, Finland

Who doesn’t want to visit Lapland? In Soviet stories, Lapland is the home of our beloved Santa Claus. Well, we don’t know about that, but Lapland definitely looks like a fairytale in Winters. Heavy snow, cold, and frequent winds make it cozier to gather the whole family in a wood cabin and drink hot cocoa together.

You can also witness the Northern Lights dancing. This Winter will definitely be the experience of a lifetime. 

Harbin, China

For those who love to see something new and strange, Harbin is hosting yearly ice and snow festival. You can see the different design of ice sculptures. You can also play games, participate in fun games and activities. If you plan to have an active Winter, Harbin is for you.

You can find so many other destinations, using the search platforms. Planning a holiday can be tiring. Be ready to meet your dream destination and plan your holiday thoroughly.

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