r/Health – FDA Halts Routine Food Inspections Due to Govt Shutdown

Sorry, but that is false. Trump is implicated in actual crimes. Hillary is completely innocent, as is any American who has not been proven guilty.

Trump absolutely DOES represent the entire Republican party. Anybody who has not disavowed him is guilty by association and they will suffer the appropriate consequence, including ostracism and shunning. Do you not understand the magnitude of the offense Trump has committed against us? The traditional penalty for treason is being hanged, disemboweled, followed by having your limbs pulled apart by horses. Treason is not a minor offense. It is the worst offense we have, worse than murder, worse than rape, worse than genocide, worse than anything.

The president has likely committed treason, but it has not yet been proven, so technically he is as innocent as Hillary. But on February 8 we will hear from Michael Cohen when he voluntarily testifies before Nancy Pelosi’s new congress and spills the details of Trump’s crimes.

Both sides are not the same. Republicans use pointless investigations as a weapon to hurt their enemies (Benghazi, email server). But that is not the actual purpose of an investigation, as you are about to find out. When the goal is to uncover actual crimes rather than smear a political opponent, then the investigations result in actual indictments, as has happened to people investigated by Mueller.

Both sides are the same, only if you are easily fooled. Some people know this naturally, but there are a whole bunch of people who still think both sides are the same. The only way to convince them otherwise, is to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law any Republicans who have aided or contributed in any way to Trump’s treason.

The game is not over yet, but the wheels are in motion and the outcome is pretty obvious. Both sides are not the same because a whole bunch of Republicans committed crimes and the Democrats are going to send them to jail.

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