Delhi Man Who Killed Family, Threw Bodies In Canal, Caught After 2 Years

New Delhi: 

More than two years after the body of a 23-year-old Delhi school teacher was found in a canal in Uttar Pradesh, the police on Thursday claim to have arrested the main accused, who confessed to have killed three of her family members.

“The main accused has been arrested while the other one died in a road accident recently,” said senior police officer Ajit Kumar Singla.

Earlier registered as a case of honour killing, in which the family members were found absconding, the case took a twist with the arrest of Abhishek Pal who has confessed that he committed the crime, the officer said.

He said Naina’s body was found in July 2016 in a canal near Hapur in Uttar Pradesh, more than 30 hours after she was reported missing from her home in Delhi’s Wazirabad village.

Mr Singla said Naina and her family members were strangled to death over a petty monetary dispute.

Abhishek told the police that he was well acquainted with the girl’s father, Ved Prakash, and his family. His friend Ritesh Katiyar worked at Ved Prakash’s garment shop at the monastery, Majnu Ka Tila.

“After Ved Prakash transferred his business to Ritesh and rented his shop to him, his business didn’t do well. Then, he took a huge loan from Ved Prakash with Abhishek as the guarantor in August 2015.”

“Ritesh could not pay back the loan which caused a dispute. Abhishek shared this with his friend Sonu, who is also Ved Prakash’s nephew. Sonu wanted to grab his uncle’s business and property. He instigated Abhishek to eliminate Ved Prakash, luring him with a share in the property,” the officer explained.

All bodies were dumped in the Upper Ganga Canal. The other three dead bodies are yet to be found.

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