A Guide to Wearing Leopard Print’s Friendlier Cousin, Cow Print

The viral hit of the summer was a 4:43 minute track called “Mooo!” in which a relatively unknown artist named Doja Cat rapped the lyrics “Bitch I’m a cow” with French fries stuck up her nose while gyrating in front of a pair of inflated anime breasts. It was completely absurd and therefore, irresistible. And though my attention span lasted about 30 seconds before I had to shut the song off (what can I say, novelty wears off fast), the cow-print two piece she wears in the video left me intrigued.

Now that leopard print coats have become borderline ubiquitous, and the once-edgy style now reads as more common than quirky, could it be time to rethink the humble cow print?

If leopard print denotes fierce and feral, then cow print is docile and friendly. Cows are renown for their beautiful long eyelashes and ability to produce delicious milk, whereas leopards are notably bloodthirsty animals that could maul a human with the swipe of a paw. In the past, cow print is has been deemed downright dowdy; more associated with farmers — and perhaps Pee Wee’s Playhouse — than a fashion-forward sense of style. But recently, I’ve noticed more and more Instagram influencers donning the print, which suggests it might be on the cusp of leopard-like world domination.

While cow print still takes a certain boldness to wear, it’s certainly the most approachable of all the animal prints. These splotchy styles will have you saying “Mooo!” in no time.

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