Congress Didn’t Take Effective Steps Against Maoists, Says Law Minister


Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Monday accused the Congress of proximity to “Urban Maoists”, which, he claimed, prompted the United Progressive Alliance government that it led for 10 years to not take any effective steps against Maoists.

“Maoists have the blessings of ‘Urban Maoists’, who also shelter them. They can never fight elections. Their security amount will be forfeited. Yet, they believe that they only will run the nation… You have no right to break the nation.

“And it is our open allegation that no effective measures were ever taken against Maoists during 10 years of Manmohan Singh’s government, because their patrons were part of Sonia Gandhi’s advisory committee,” Mr Prasad said at a press conference.

The BJP leader, on a campaign in Chhattisgarh that goes to polls next month, claimed that the number of Maoist-affected districts has reduced from 150 to 78-80 over the years, and condemned the “human rights leaders” for their “double standards” .

“… They (human rights activists) make a lot of noise when Maoists are killed. But when brave soldiers are killed, do they have any human rights or not? Why do these people who tour New Delhi, Dantewada, Raipur, remain silent then. This is their double standard,” he said.

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