r/Health – CDC warns for the second time this year to throw out romaine lettuce

I think i’ll get started on an Excel sheet and run some scenarios to figure out a system that will result in a constant supply. I suppose I need to figure out the average grow rates of the targeted plants, the calorie content of each (to make sure I meet my goals), micro-nutritional content of each plant, and sprout frequency of each plant too.

You wouldn’t happen to know the mean adult root length of kale, celery, eggplant, and rhubarb would you? I suppose I could dig say 10 separate planters, each with varying depth. I wonder how much space between each plant is needed as well.

Also; Would any soil work? What if my soil is lacking minerals which then result in plants with below average micronutrient content. Would this affect my health. Maybe I should create a custom blend of soil myself. Where would I start? A cow maybe? I guess I could contact my local FFA.

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