After 10 years in a wheelchair, man with multiple sclerosis receives stem cell treatment, regains ability to walk and dances in viral videos

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Congratulations to him. He’s able to live a normal life again.

Normal is relative, people with disabilities can live normal lives as well 🙂

How does one go about getting some of them stem cells? I got shit that is broken that could use some black magic

Its a looong read… basically spirulina contains phycocyanin which stimulates stem cell production in the body.

There’s also a product called E3 Live which has more concentrated levels of phycocyanin from AFA, but is more expensive than spirulina.

Not sure how much you would need to take to get the same effects in the same amount of time as this man, but worth looking into.

I am sorry, but this is just bullshit.
There is no compelling reason to belive spirulina will actually boost hematopietic stemm cells or help against MS in any other way. Most importantly though for the stemm cells to build a new non-autoagressive immune system, you have to get rid of the entire remaining immune system (in the treatment mentionned in the article, the stemm cells only survive because they are taken and stored outside the body while chemotherapy eradicates the immune system).

I keep hearing from spirulina but I would like to see some controlled trials in which spirulina actually improved any really important outcomes (not just laboratory measures but real-life important to patients outcomes).

Wait, E3 Live? As in the overpriced algae supplement from Klamath Falls or whatever? I took that stuff for a long time and it did absolutely nothing. I don’t have MS but I have a collection of other fun autoimmune conditions. Also, they called me so much I had to block their number.

Disclaimer: I haven’t RTFA yet

Edit: Ok, I read the article. They gave him chemotherapy and then used stem cells to reboot his immune system. I’m pretty sure you could consume every product E3 makes and wouldn’t come close to that.

are you trying to get us to buy e3? there is no evidence that e3 will help. It is all bogus. lol A doctor trying to give me his supplement advice. Run Fast

Part of it is to defeat politicians and others who oppose stem cell research.

Call up sheffield hospital, they take some of your stem cells, give enough poison (chemo) to kill everything bad, drop the ol stem cells back in and pray it works

Go to mexico. Doctors there are unregulated and have it.

Can a pain in the neck be cancer?


Neck pain has many different causes. Fortunately, they are rarely the sign of a serious illness. But occasionally, a tumor can be the trigger. It is important to know the danger signs. Neck pain that worsens at night, or when you have a fever or weight loss, may indicate a tumor.

DO NOT go to any stem cell clinic without being referred by a medical professional and make sure that is has undergone or is in the human phase of clinical trials!

Check out:
There are stem cell trials going on but there are a shit ton of snake oil sellers and people frequently die and lose their life savings.

+100 for stem cell research.

this is a heartwarming article.

Everything is possible to happen. I am happy that he recovered now.

I wonder if this can help Selma Blair.

This article brought a tear to my eye, all the best to him and his family with his new lease on life. Science is amazing!

Forget this, we need to bring coal and asbestos back!

On a more serious note: this is absolute miracle work. Wish we had an administration which fosters this type of thing rather than getting personally rich as possible.

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