r/Health – A Billion People Will Be Newly Exposed to Diseases Like Dengue Fever as World Temperatures Rise – “Climate change is the largest & most comprehensive threat to global health security.”

When people from either side start rattling off all this scientific evidence about climate change I just go numb. That’s not at all my forte. I will say this however, since the 70s (maybe earlier but I wasn’t alive then) there has been a literal constant environmental catastrophe that will doom us all in short order if we don’t change our behavior( or at least buy this Time magazine). Nothing sells like a crisis and climate change is the jelly of the month club of crisis, it gives all year long!

Here’s the other thing I don’t understand. If you ask anyone in the left, Climate change seems to be settled science. We are facing an environmental crisis resulting in intense weather and massive flooding. Yet all the liberal utopias are on the coast. NYC, Boston, Miami, Los Angels, San Fran, Portland l, Seattle will all be completely fucked if what they claim will happen actually happens. Why then is there not a massive exodus from these places? To the contrary they are more popular than ever and population grows every year. Their property will be worthless and their lives in peril in a few short years. If I believed what they do I’d be moving inland with the quickness.

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