Throwback Thursday: Rolex Reference 6062 Full Calendar

Throwback Thursday: Rolex Reference 6062 Full Calendar

A Rolex with a moon phase is by any means something special. It is a complication that Rolex throughout its history  didn’t make that many of. Reference 6062 is most certainly one of the more special among them, mainly because Rolex integrated quite a few features that were at the time not at all common to find in a single watch.

Rolex Reference 6062
This particular example, produced in 1953, features an automatic movement with a full calendar complication and is housed in a water-resistant Oyster case. Here, Rolex was ahead of its time by several decades, because while they positioned it as a luxury watch, it was in the 1950’s not at all common to fit them with water-resistant cases. One could argue that Rolex created one of the first high-end, complicated sports watches in a fashion that is especially today very popular. The case of this reference 6062 is even crafted from steel. This also makes it rarer, as the majority of this particular Rolex were crafted from yellow gold, more in line with the perception of how a luxurious watch should look like at that time.

Rolex Reference 6062

Although its rarity probably gives it another destiny, even today this Rolex is still very wearable, with a diameter of 36mm. It comes with a screw down crown, as well as stainless steel Jubilee bracelet, which further enhances its appeal. The dial gives the watch much of its vintage charm, not only because of its rare complication (for a Rolex) but more so in the way that it is executed. Gold-tone leaf hands, and matching hour markers offer a pleasant contrast with the stainless steel case and bracelet, in a way most associated with older watches. The same can be said with the face that Rolex put a face on the moon, as this has been a tradition which dates back to the early days of watch and clock making. It further amplifies the unique character of this Rolex.

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