7  Stylish Design Ideas For A Small Garden
7  Stylish Design Ideas For A Small Garden


7  Stylish Design Ideas For A Small Garden

A small garden has multiple advantages – less time and effort to maintain, less expensive to water, and with great potential for creativity within a limited budget.

Sara O Brown

7  Stylish Design Ideas For A Small Garden

That all-important view of your garden from inside the house should set you thinking of stylish ways to beautify it.

So, don’t hesitate to make the smallest additions like colorful cushions or stylish garden lighting which have a dramatic effect on a small-space garden.

Furthermore, these additions qualify for very small garden ideas on a budget, thus boosting the outdoor space without breaking the bank!

With the right planning and design, even the tiniest plot can be converted into an elegant outdoor retreat, for that matter even the space holding an ugly-looking garage.

This stylishly designed garden would be your absolutely private possession, which could be further enhanced by setting up custom signboards in your garden. Select a rust-free material for the signboards, which will withstand all seasons.

Simple Garden Ideas on a Budget

7  Stylish Design Ideas For A Small Garden

You can certainly try your small garden landscaping ideas without spending a fortune. You need to consider several aspects like geometry, furniture, lighting, the types of plants, among others for designing your very own small garden.

Here are 7 stylish design ideas for a small garden to keep it looking fabulous all year long:

1. Simplify With Geometry and Symmetry

For your small garden to look elegant and spacious, you can design a classic layout for it with a central lawn and symmetrical borders.

7  Stylish Design Ideas For A Small Garden

Line brick paths with classic lavender (a perennial fragrant herb), and add plane trees (tall spreading trees with maple-like leaves and a bark which peels in uneven patches) for the final flourish.

One way to give visitors the sense that they are traveling through a large landscape is to put some curves into your garden paths. The curved pathway should be wide enough for two persons to walk side by side comfortably.

The appeal of this curved concrete path in your garden is due to the ribbon of tile separating each slab of concrete.

2. Renovate Your Garage

If an ugly, detached garage is the only thing that you can view from your backyard, then you should think about updating it along with your garden design. The final outcome could be a detached garage garden oasis!

In order to update your garage door, think of interesting visual elements such as cross-hatching on the garage door. Use the side of the garage as a backdrop for a gardening masterpiece – a garden bed with an attractive foliage of lilies and daisies.

Also, include an apple tree and blueberry bushes into this side garden.

3. Create a Living Wall

Living, or green walls, are increasingly making their way into small gardens and look great even in small spaces. For building such vertical gardens, plants are rooted in a structure that is attached to a wall.

A variety of perennial scented herbs (e.g. lavender), grasses, and even fruits and vegetables can be used, based on their suitability to the aspect and microclimate of the wall (the climate restricted to the wall) on which they will be grown.

You could balance the domineering wall with three large pots containing fruit trees and bedding plants.

Thus a “living wall” design is an utterly stylish way to turn a small courtyard into a lush habitat, also providing much-needed floor space for patio slabs and friendly seating.

4. Trick the Eye

Let your small garden stand out by creating an optical illusion of a garden twice its actual size! With a contemporary mirror panel, you can visually double the amount of space you have and illuminate the darker corners effectively.

A long sheet mirror helps maintain the urban look of the garden and it can be further complemented with modern linear fencing. Use ornamental grasses, potted evergreens (e.g.hydrangeas) and climbing plants (e.g. vines) to enhance the sense of privacy.

5. Layered Lighting

Lighting absolutely matters, not only for when you are actually in the garden but also for that all important view from the house. Therefore, your garden must look as stunning on a winter’s evening as it does at noon in summer.

This effect can be achieved through layered lighting. The first layer is for usefulness: light the steps, sitting areas, and paths. The next layer is to illuminate any garden features you have: water features (such as a pond or a fountain), small trees and attractive wall surfaces. The final layer of light is a really subtle one, at ankle level.

This layer makes the whole place glow. If you have these light layers on three different circuits, then you can mix and match for different effects.

6. Add Greenery

Winter structure is key to getting the view right during the entire year. Hence, go for box bushes or other sturdy, evergreen planting. 

Look for striking plants with bright colors which stand out against the background, and also which perform over a long period. For instance, lavender looks lovely with flowers in the summer and, if cut back in autumn, it looks equally good throughout the winter.

The fences or walls usually provide an excellent background for climbers which provide year-round cover. Small gardens are the perfect places for scents to be appreciated. Hence, during summer, roses and honeysuckles create the much-desired impact. For an enhanced impact, plant in big containers or in big bunches.

Add instant drama to your garden with towering palms and feather-leaved tree ferns.

7. Renew An Underused Space

Even the smallest of areas can be converted into a stylish and decorative garden. Enhance yours with a series of stepped concrete slabs and use a narrow table made out of logs to create the center of interest.

Maintain a chic and low-maintenance look with small rounded pebbles, shrubs clipped into ornamental shapes and flowering plants in orange and yellow. Add grace to your garden with stone planters.

Also, add interesting items such as an oversized lantern and unique bird sculptures. Other than this, do hire a professional.

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Sara O Brown is a working mom, lives with her dentist husband and her adorable dog, Casper. She is passionate about traveling and cooking.

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